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The Selling Advantage is an online resource center and bi-monthly fast-read newsletter that provides resources to help you keep your sales meetings fresh and engaging. You and your salespeople will be up-to-date with the latest selling trends and practices that help build long-term business relationships and close more deals.

Relevant sales resources

Keep your sales reps motivated and informed on a variety of selling topics and skills, including closing, building lasting relationships and getting more from current customers. Increase the effectiveness of your sales meetings with our customizable meeting notes, scenarios, case studies, and checklists in addition to our articles on all aspects of selling.

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Eliminate theory and get straight to real, practical solutions that are making a difference today. Learn every day from the success stories of thousands of subscribers like you who successfully closed the deal on a challenging sale.

Aid in the sales process

Browse a selection of whitepapers for authoritative and actionable information to aid in the sales process for you and your sales team. Pass them around to your sales team for a quick refresher or to spark new ideas.

Resources covering all aspects of selling

Tackle any challenging sale with articles that cover all aspects of selling whether you need a refresher on closing, prospecting, or getting more information from current customers – we have information for you.

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